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Sound insulation

Protect your loved ones from unwanted noise

Never accept anything less than you deserve and peace is a greatest gift you can relish in today’s high pace life style, we at aluplast India knows what their customers deserve

Due to urbanisation and constantly increasing population noise pollution has become one of the serious issues in India. Traffics are the major source of noise pollution, also loud music, social and private functions are contributing well to this cause. This kind of uproar is quite harmful for children, old age citizen and most importantly patience. So, stay in peace with aluplast’s technically sound windows which deliver best results when it comes on the performance. aluplast windows reduce the sound up to 47 decibels and provide up to 62 per cent more sound isolation from other conventional windows.

Enjoy more peace and quiet at home

  • Reduces noise by up to 47 decibels, i.e.:
    Reduces noises from a major road to almost nothing
  • Up to noise isolation class V
  • Up to 62% better sound insulation than conventional windows

Did you know...

... Noise can be harmful to your health? According to a study by the WHO, people subjected to loud noises run a higher risk of developing a number of problems such as allergies, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure or migraines.