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Reduce your heating costs

Save energy & nourish the nature with us

Well found your space with aluplast smart windows solutions to reduce your heating costs around the year and contribute your bit towards sustainable environment.

We at aluplast offering especially developed fibre glass reinforced plastic which is inserted into the profile while manufacturing to improve heat insulation. Instead of steel, the profiles are reinforced with a specially developed fibre glass strengthened plastic, which is inserted into the profile which significantly improves heat insulation. This method will ultimately lead you to save more energy as well as money. The energeto® windows are up to 20 per cent lighter and yet even more stable than conventional windows.

While just 8 % of a building's outer shell is made up of windows, they are the source of almost 40% of heat losses.

Conventional sash and frame designs
Low heat losses after renovating your home with aluplast

Protect the environment and your bank balance with outstanding energy efficiency.

Save up to Rs. 2,00000 with aluplast energeto windows at your new or renovated building, Whether you're building, with an incredible heat insulation coefficient of just 0.60 W/m²K, the energeto® is the best window in its class.

So, if you are planning to build your own home or renovate it, go with energeto® which is best windows in its class with incredible heat insulation coefficient of just 0.60 W/m²K. It is already ahead of its time and offers you what you deserve despite of what you need.

Additionally, you can save approximately Rs. 2,00000with energeto® windows in heating costs, a best investment which pays you two rounds, in first round it will maintain the value of your property longer time duration and in second turn it will return you the initial costs, energeto® generates solid and secure returns that conventional financial investments usually cannot achieve.

Furthermore, the CO2 emissions of your property will be reduced by up to 7,300 kg each year, which will ultimately benefits the ecology system. These windows are nearly 20 per cent lighter yet more stable than other ordinary uPVC windows.