aluplast upvc doors and windows
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Functionality and design

85 mm front door

85 mm construction depth
This main entrance system takes you to the world of safety and unique designs, this system provide you theft protection, extreme weather resistant, and maintain privacy and peace at your living and working area.

85 mm

construction depth

1,3 W/m²K


0,74 W/m²K

Best Udvalue

Up to RC2

Leaf-enclosing option

To enhance your home’s façade look, aluplast launched new profile for full –coverage fillings, so the new front doors are what you ever dreamed of, these systems are of highest design standards, helping you to create your own trend. We a have vast range of filling options from metal, PVC or the latest on-trend option of ceramic, aluplast profiles are compatible with all standard filling materials.

Along with basic and must have features, to give your home more customized feel with these optional features including aluskin, foam inside and lamination.


Optional Varient

Technical details

85 mm construction depth

Uf=1.3 W/m²K

Ud=0.94 W/m²K with standard-triple-glazing with Ug=0.6 and Psi=0.040 W/mK

Ud=0.80 W/m²K best possible option with triple glazing with Ug=0.4 and Psi=0.030 W/mK

Ud=0.74 W/m²K best possible option with panel with Up=0.4 and (Psi=0.000 W/mK)

Up to RC2 burglary protection

The backstop gasket system enables robust and strong striker plates to be used

Use of suitable safety hardware Outstanding burglary protection guaranteed

Optimum protection thanks to high quality and safety standards

Large steel chamber for strong stability

Weldable corner connectors for high stability

Up to 51 mm glazing / panel

Wide range of lamination options

Available with aluskin® aluminium shells (wide array of colours)

Recessed version


Concealed drainage is possible

Optional leaf-enclosing filling