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Whenever it comes on uPVC doors and systems, we always think that it had very less options and we start feeling restricted. But, aluplast India had come under the rescue of its customers with its exclusive range of hi-end products and huge array of colours, designs and textures.

Today’s world is smart world, we are equipped with smart phones, smart televisions, laptops and what not and also smart homes and other spaces. So, aluplast a technology prone brand provides 100 per cent German quality and extraordinary features which makes their uPVC systems smart uPVC systems.

Many of times, we heard that technology and aesthetics cannot be together, but we at aluplast making this possible with our uPVC systems.


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Our extraordinary products range

uPVC Window System- Ideal Series
  • IDEAL-2000
  • IDEAL-4000
uPVC Main Entrance Doors System
  • Main Entrance door 85mm
  • Main Entrance door 70 mm
Sliding door systems
  • Left and Slide 85mm
  • International Sliding
Folding Shutter Systems

Technically Reliable Products

Our profiles are reinforced with a specially developed fibre glass strengthened plastic, which significantly improves heat insulation. Using a special technique, our profile chambers are filled with polyurethane foam, which make its way through the profile all by itself. When the volume expands during the foam injection process, the hollow chambers are filled all the way down to the corners for outstanding heat insulation.

The window's glass pane is bonded all the way round the profile. The adhesive provides an extra strong bond between the pane and the sash: the best way to prevent the sash from being pried open and also an essential requirement for burglary resistance class RC2.

At the same time, your windows will remain dimensionally stable, and they can be opened and closed smoothly, even after many years of use. Our products décor foils are enrich with innovative cool-colours technology which will protect your frame from strong and direct sunlight from overheating and the colours will remain as awesome as they were on their first day.

Picture Perfect Home

To add more value at your doors and windows, aluplast has introduced various colours options with aluskin (aluminium skin) in this process we combine the advantages of the two components; the excellent thermal insulation properties of PVC windows and the revolutionary look of aluminium. The result of this back-and-forth is a product of the highest technical standards that combines beautiful design with individuality, the aluminium shells can be coated in all RAL colours, leaving no stone unturned.

Give your home more ‘your touch’, select variety of colours and you can also ask for the assistance from our experts. Whether you go for cottage style, Mediterranean design or futuristic architecture, we will always have a perfect solution for you.

Choose from multiple colours and textures to get exceptional looking space.

Promising Features


aluplast’s smart uPVC system are profoundly secured with fixed interior profile web for the third gasket all around the window frame which averts the sash from being forced open easily


Cuts noise up to 47 decibels in comparison to other orthodox window systems.


Our narrow profile designed windows allows 16 per cent more natural light than other standard windows which will ultimately leads you for more solar heat gains.


With an incredible heat insulation coefficient of just 0.60 W/m²K, the aluplast window system is providing the best energy saving system which will also give you huge relaxation in your electricity bill. Our windows are up to 20 per cent lighter and yet even more stable than other ordinary uPVC windows.