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Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride windows and doors profiles are gaining popularity in Indian construction industry due to its high durability, low maintenance properties along with the toughness and thermal comfort energy efficiency. Now a days, uPVC windows and doors are taking front seat while selecting the fittings.

A good uPVC window is meant to protect you from extreme weather conditions, bad environment, and unwanted noise and also helps in heat insulation and day light optimization but a best uPVC window is deemed to give you long lasting quality that will be with you forever, helps you to maintain a healthy relationship with nature and also takes care of your hard earned money and aluplast is offering what is best for you.

aluplast, a renowned and most trusted name in the fenestration industry, the three decades old brand is providing best uPVC windows and doors worldwide.


aluplast takes pride to announce that we are equipped with best technology and mechanism along with 35 years of experience and highly skilled team makes us one of the most tactical groups globally. aluplast believes in perfection and customer satisfaction, we are not from them who are eying on numbers; we have our goals are quality and long terms relations.

aluplast is offering a finest range of window and door systems in India as well as other portions of globe, our wide array of products are made in hi-tech environment with best of German machineries and technologies which are rather famous for their technology advancement s internationally. Whereas, our products bump into the international standards because we are armed with the best experience due to our active participations in 80 countries across the globe.

We at aluplast deals into the niche products and obviously forte clients, we have consumers in different parts of India and they different demands and expectations from their doors and windows systems due to unlike weather conditions, pollution levels, noise and other major requirements as per their daily needs. Our high-end products which posses best of hardware, multiple colours for the roof, roof edge, doors and backgrounds as well, amazing textures and aluskin makes us number one among architects and interior designers when it comes to recommendations.

With our extrusion unit in India, we are ensuring quality and cost effective uPVC systems across the nation; due to our own extrusion plant we have 100 per cent control over the raw materials which is the most aspect for any system, and we had collaboration with many home-grown and trusted fabricators to deliver the best profiles on best cost. We never commit low-priced products we always promise hi-quality products and this makes us unique from our competitors.

In the true guidance of our MD and mentor Arun Sharma, a plastic engineer by profession and armed with 15 years of core experience in the field of fenestration industry, is working hard to make aluplast India an ideal brand for Indian uPVC market and tend to develop high-performance system. Team aluplast India, believes in always being the best in the quality and in pursuit to deliver the best in the industry, we are determine to develop innovative yet simple products which should be user friendly and extremely versatile products as per the location and other major conditions.

aluplast never offer cheap and best because it is not possible as we all know that quality comes at price and we want to change this perception that one can buy reliable uPVC systems at low price and if anyone in the industry is providing, than customer have to be smart enough to identify what is best for their dream living space.